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Where Spying Starts and Stops: Tracking an Embattled C.I.A. and a President at War Ex-Pentagon analyst sentenced to 12 years The Media PA Raid and CointelPro
Internet blows CIA cover
I.R.A. Turncoat Is Murdered in Donegal Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room
Spymaster Tells Secret of Size of Spy Force Behind the Goss toss
F.B.I. Says House of Ex-C.I.A. Deputy Is Searched China broadens espionage operations
Counterintelligence officials say U.S. tech secrets top list
Voice Encryption May Draw U.S. Scrutiny Documents Shed Light on C.I.A.'s Use of Ex-Nazis Invisible Ink Got Deadly Gang Message Past Guards
Spy Who Corrupted Italy's Elections Dies
Documents reveal details of U.S. aid stirring suspicion in Venezuela Who Are The Bombers? SDS ca 1970 Spy Agencies Outsourcing to Fill Key Jobs
CUBAN CONSPIRATOR NAMED Privacy as a Commodity Kim Scipes: The AFL-CIA and Venezuela
Gerald Ford Pardoned Nixon, and One of the Tokyo Rose's When the FBI calls...a college student who went to Cuba
Soviet Puppet Spymaster dead
While in CIA in 84 Gates called for air strikes against Nicaragua
Markus Wolf, 83, Spymaster With the Hidden Face, Dies    

In From the Cold, to a Cold Shoulder
C.I.A. Expanding Terror Battle Under Guise of Charter Flights
Stalin's Intelligence
90% of Solidarity Center’s Annual Budget
Comes from Payoffs by U.S. Government
Large Volume of F.B.I. Files Alarms U.S. Activist Groups Penn Kemble, 64, Is Dead; Strove to Spread Democracy
CIA's Black Sites, Secret Gulag, International
Foreign Network at Front of CIA's Terror Fight A Half-Century of Spying on U.S. Citizens
Irish Spy's Revelations Cause an Uproar The KGB's hidden hand in terrorism Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report

Older Articles
Intelligence and CounterIntelligence United Kingdom Spy Cases
Domestic Surveillance: The History of Operation CHAOS CIA and Drug Smuggling
How Nazi War Criminals Got Into Canada The National Security Archive
Archive Photos Not of JFK's Brain, Concludes Aide to Review Board The C.I.A. and Guatemala: The Spies Who Never Came in From the Cold
CIA's wheel of fortune Supervisor of CIA's LSD Tests Dies
Jay Lovestone: Communist, Anti-Communist, and Spymaster. 
By Ted Morgan. 
China Stole Data on Atom Warhead, U.S. Report Finds
U.S. Says Suspect Put Data on Bombs in Unsecure Files Did the CIA Poison Paul Robeson?
They Led Two Lives New Books Revive Old Talk of Spies
CIA/FBI COINTELPRO book China Stole Data, Report Concludes
The 'AFL-CIA' Panel Spells Out Spying Charges Against China; Clinton Backs Tighter Security
U.S. Is Said to Have Known of China Spy Link in 1995 The Great grandmother who came in from the cold
How the C.I.A. Played Dirty Tricks With Culture  Church Report on Spies
The Private Life of Philby in the USSR Spy, Enemy of Angelton, Dies
Gus Hall, Revisionist Spy, Obit (October 2000) Gloria Steinem and the CIA
Dead Red Did Not Rat
Ring Lardner Jr Dies (Novemeber 2000)
The Cambridge Spies
Oppenheimer Charged As Communist Spy Pete Singer Refuses to Sing--Except His Songs
HUAC Testimony
Documents Show CIA Role in Chilean Assassination US Spy Convicted in Russia
A CIA Timeline Who Rules Peru? The CIA, and a Few Procurer
Anthropologists as Spies The Mole Hanssen and His Handler
Hanssen the Spy and the Fascist Opus Dei Mole vs Mole
India Times: Cia and the Taliban Cord Meyer, Spy in Tangled Webb
CIA Boasts of Media Manipulation Shots from the Grassy Knoll
Cops (again) Spy at MSU CIA Admits to Shielding Nazi War Criminals
The Big Book on the NSA FBI Withheld Evidence in Church Bombing
The Spies and the Allies in Peru Otto Reich's Dirty Laundry
The AFT and the CIA in Haiti The AFT Bosses and the SDUSA
LID, the AFT, and the CIA Hanssen Ratted Himself to Priest and Wife
FBI Spying on Americans Spy Hanssen Worked for 2 Soviet Agencies
Revealed Tunnel Under Soviet Embassy
Billy Ayers: Weathercop Encryption: For Students and Encryptors

Carnivore Schmarnive: Encrypt!
We are entering a new age. There's no turning back. In this age of rapid 
deterioration of personal liberties and privacy, ensuring the privacy of 
your digital communication is easier than ever. 
Hanssen, the Secrets Deepen (October 2001)  Terror Plan Called Cuba Invasion Pretext
COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story CIA Office Demolished on Sept 11
NY TImes on Spies Ayers and Dohrn NY Times on Spies Ayers and Dohrn
FBI Confirms 'Magic Lantern' Project Exists Sept 11==Totall US Intelligence Failure
Father of MKUltura: The CIA's Drug Lord, Sidney Gottlieb NPR on Hanssen, The Big Mole in the FBI
 'Anthony Blunt': The Fourth Man Cointelpro: The Entire Book
FBI Dumps Spy Hunter Anti-Communist Informer Dies
LongTime Spies Helped Lead Afghan War The CIA and Pakistan's Intelligence Service--Blowback
Agent: CIA is a Racist Institution U.S. Analyst Admits Spying for Cuba for Ideological Reasons
National Endowment for Democracy Behind the Venezuela Coup Social Democrats USA: Group Watch Report
The Poisonous Legacy of Al Shanker Ex CIA Boss Quits PRobe into WTC Bungling
Opus Dei, On Background Opus Dei's Hanssen Sentenced to Life: Did He Spill ALL The Beans?
Navy Used Nerve Gas on US Sailors How The FBI and CIA Tried to Destroy the Student Movement in California
A History in Documents
FBI, CIA worked For Reagan to quash Cal faculty careers Sex, Drugs, and the CIA--CounterPunch Special Report
Weathermen Ratted Out Silas Bissell Anthony Blunt, the Fourth Man
Nazi Spy (and US Agent) Wessel Dies Venona Code Breaker Dies
The FBI as a Mob Front Oppenheimer was a communist according to new book (NY Times)
Electronic Assassinations Newsletter CIA, real drug lords
Ukrainian Nationalists vs Philby LA Times article on CIA on campus
Cuban Spy Raises Finger to US Richard Helms, CIA Boss, Dies (Oct 2002)
Red Spy Queen California Doc a CIA/S. Africa Bio-Weapon Killer?
Review of Wise on Hanssen, Opus Dei's FBI Traitor Comintern Spies Exposed
Blount, the Queen's Spy British (Soviet) A-Spy Dies
Hero Of Telemark Dies (2003) Boyce, The Falcon, Released on Parole
Ex-FBI Agent Is Arrested in China Espionage Case Two Decades of Deception Revealed: Katrina Leung hid two affairs, her role as FBI informant and, accusers say, her work for China
Labor's Cold War RA Shaken as British Double Agent Unmasked
CIA and ex Nazis More PR For the Weatherpolice
Yet Another Mole in CIA? Spy vs Spy at the Close of the Cold War
Ex-Aide Says Nixon Agreed to Break-In at Watergate 
F.B.I. Failed to Act on Spy Despite Signals, Report Says
Bozo FBI Let Hanssen Slip By CIA Agent Tells How National Endowment for Democracy Works as a Spy
Michael Ledeen: Trot? Fascist?
Weather Cop to be Paroled
The New York Times Just Loves Weathermen Weatherman Kathy Boudin Psychoanalysed, or Not
Nation Oped on the Weathermen by Rich Gibson
Pittsburgh Press on the WeatherFamily
How CIA infiltrates civil society
CIA Lied About Edwin Wilson FBI vs Clark Kerr
America's Cambridge Spy Dies in 2004
Mitrokhin Dies: Stole KGB Files---Moscow's Gold a Fact
The National Endowment for Democracy In Haiti Accused Spy Is Cousin of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card

What is Backwater Security Consulting?
NED funds Chávez opposition
AFL-CIA in Venezuela
AFL-CIA Refuses to Come Clean on its Spying Activities SD Titan Accused of Bribery
From U.S., the ABC's of Jihad
Archbishop Romero's Killer Flees Fresno Trial
N.A. Jewell, Who Aided Ruse of 'The Man Who Never Was,' Dies at 90
El Salvadoran Fascist Convicted of Romero Murder
Central Intelligence Agency Homepage for Kid
CIA in Turmoil As Boss Quits Top Spies Quit Cia and Goss Counterattacks
Two More CIA Spies Quit CIA Spy: Why I Quit
National Endowment for Death Squads and AFL-CIO

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