Take Direct, Reasoned, Militant Action Against Perpetual Imperialist War!
You are what you do.

References on the Oil War -- News and analysis from a variety sources on the war. Updated weekly. Writing from the Rouge Forum -- Commentary by Rouge Forum members on the war. Updated periodically.

Flyers available for downloading:

1. Two sided flyer with No Blood For Oil Graphic     Front    Back

2. Two sided flyer, text.

3. Got War?

4. Shoot Moneybags, Not People

5. Shoot Moneybags, Not People (color poster)
6. US Out of the Middle East(color poster)
7. No Blood for Oil (color poster)
8. Abolish ROTC Graphic   

9. muerte a los fascistas

10. Bloody Statue of Liberty

11. John Yoo: Fascist

More Rouge Forum Posters Available for Downloading

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