The Whiting of Euro-Americans: A Divide and Conquer Strategy Summary of the Argument:  The Invention of the White Race (part 1) Summary of the Argument:  The Invention of the White Race (part 2)
RaceSci: History of Race in Science One More River to Cross Racism in Metro Detroit
The Resegregation of American Schools, Harvard Report
Racism in the Slaughterhouse
How Race is Lived Series in the NYTIMES
Steve Rosenthal on the Bell Curve Paul Robeson, by Mark Naison 'Oz' author sought Indian holocaust 
Project Update: Social Science Knowledge on Race, Racism, and Race Relations Indians Sue Over Racist School Abuse Racism Kills the Community of Scholars
The Monty Debate
SDSU Daily Aztec Editorial\ Nov 6 2000
Racist Anthropolists and the Yanomamo London Institute of Race Relations: Dr. A.Sivanandan “Americans Through Their Labor”: Paul Robeson’s Vision of Cultural and Economic Democracy by Dr. Mark D. Naison
Racism is Not about White Skin Privilege by Alan Spector Edward Said Vs the Petty Nationalism 
Inside Multi-culturalism
Women in the Civil Rights Movement And The Problem of MLK
W.E.B. Dubois on The Freedman's Bureau The History Of We Shall Overcome The Fight Against White Baseball
The United States Commission on Civil Rights
Commission Statement on the Use of Native American Images and Nicknames as Sports Symbols
Confronting institutional racism:
Do the best schools and classes have the fewest black and brown students?
Yale, Abolition, and the Slave Trade
Staughton Lynd on Fighting Racism Whiteness: Where Does it Come From?
Susan Saulny, September 2001
Cinci Locked Down Sept 27
Dubois and the "Talented Tenth" Dubois and the "Talented Tenth" 2001: SChools More Segregated Than Ever Racist Mormon Church Abuses Its Own
Britain, a Nation Divided by Race The Education of Little Fraud census: US split by Race and class
article 1
article 2
Not in Our Genes: Race as a Social Construction Sivanandan: Poverty is the New Black Sleeter on White Skin Privilege and The Origins of Multiculturalism 
Diversity vs. White Privilege
The Origins of Multiculturalism
Harvard Forum on Ethnicity and Difference Multiculturalism Bibliography The Cost of Detroit Racism
Ishmael Reed On "Nigger" The Death of Claude Brown Galton: The First Eugenicist
White Teaching Force Gets Whiter Racism and Health Care in the USA Racism and the City: Detroit 1967 forward
Poverty Research Action Council Bill Would End Racist Naming of Mascots California Dept Of Insurance Lists Slave Owners on Www site
Five San Diego Racist Haters Convicted Stephen Jay Gould Obituary Bobby Cherry, Klansman, Convicted of Birmingham Bombing
Last Two Fascist SD Youth Cop Pleas for Attack Black Students and Racist Suspensions: The Data DEATH OF LILY CHIN:  Mother of Vincent Chin
Vincent Chin: Martyr After twenty Years Court Rules Rotten Schools are Legal Bad Bishop Brown: The American Race Problem
More Nazi Youths Sentenced in Migrant Attack The Continuing Construction of Whiteness Mexican-American Organizing in California
Photographic Record of Segregation Black Okies Judge Rejects Braceros Suit for Back Pay
The Expanding Definition of Whiteness Harvard President Sees Rise in Anti-Semitism on Campus South Africa Rises Against ANC Sellouts
W.E.B. Dubois, America's Greatest Historian, Writes, "Why I Will Not Vote" More Racists Hunt Immigrant Workers Spet 2002 Trump and Wildings of Racism
More Fascist Migrant Attackers Wrists Slapped NYC DA Urges Dismissals on Racist Jogger Case Trent Lott: Bring Back the KKK
Brazil Study: Race not reflected in genes Disillusion Rises in South Africa Adolph Reed on the Clinton Take on Racism Today
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.  Bush and Affirmative Action Schools Resegregate, Study Finds
Prison Rates Among Blacks Reach a Peak, Report Finds Dubois Souls of Black Folk, 100 Years On New York Times--Study Finds Asthma in 25% of Children in Central Harlem
Report Finds Number of Black Children in Deep Poverty Rising Kids Led Fight vs Racism in the South Primary Documents on Slavery in North America
Segregation returning to public education Water Tap Often Shut to South Africa's Poor The Race Gap in Schools is Also a Class Gap
Racist Convicted of Migrant Worker Attack Rebellion in Benton Harbor Studying Whiteness: Washington Post
Blacks Lose Better Jobs Faster as Middle-Class Work Drops Cuba Stops Aids in its Tracks Inglewood Cops Walk Free After Beating
Black Man Found Hanged in Belle Glade
Tim Wise Speech on Racism (March 2003)  (real audio)
FREEDOM SUMMER READING LIST A Challenge to White Supremacy, 100 Years Later
Benton Harbor After the Uprising California Newsreel: Ten Things People Need to Know About Race
The global hierarchy of race
Stokely Speaks
Gordon Wood on Vidal and The Founding Father-Slaveholders African Students' Harsh Lesson: Racism Is Astir in Russia
Racist LAPD Pays Off Whistleblower Cops Jim Zwick's Page on AntiImperialism
Fifty Years After Brown, Seperate and Unequal 2004: Black People Earn 1/3 Less than Whites Whitey on the Moon
Racist Faculty Senate Ducks Monty Vote
The Nation on Brown vs Board: Beyond black, white and brown Racism and Diversity: False Solace
50 yrs later, segregation reigns in US schools
Yet Another Racist Attack at El Cap High Radioactive Oatmeal for The Morons of Fernald
Nazi Richard Butler Finally Dies Closing the Racial Achievement Gap
Study says wealth gap widened for blacks, Hispanics after recession
Critical View of Caesar Chavez....two articles
Jeff Coplon, "Cesar Chavez's Fall From Grace", Village Voice
Part 1, August 14, 1984
Part 2, August 21, 1984
Racist AntiArabic Attack in SD
Race Matters: Two Maps to Share With Students Black Wealth , White Wealth, A Review Essay Wary Blacks Voted No to More Police
Racists in Ala Vote for Continued School Segregation The Lemon Grove Alvarez School Desegregation Case
Exhibit on Nazi Eugenics James Forman Dies at 76; Was Pioneer in Civil Rights
Henry Louis Gates: Idiot
As minorities move to suburbs, hate follows

Florida State to challenge ban on mascots

Racism of High Stakes Testing Press Release: School Resegregation: Must the South Turn Back? Racist cops blocked bridge and forced evacuees back at gunpoint
Media Matters exposes Bennett: "[Y]ou could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down" New Deal, Raw Deal:How Aid Became Affirmative Action for Whites Ethnic Cleansing as Economic Policy: Hiring Crisis for Black Teens
Toledo Blade On Anti-Nazi Rebellion
Volunteers get cold reception in Vermont
Book Review
Still Separate and Unequal
by George M. Fredrickson
Thousands Pay Final Respects to Rosa Parks in Detroit
Robert Williams When Scientific Ideology Was a Mask for Racism Books
Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn Andrew Young Becomes Voice of WalMart 500,000 March on Immigration
Led by Liberals, Churches
Poverty, racism and all that jazz Desegregation Now. Segregation Tomorrow?
Racist Andrew Young Quits WalMart
Schwarzenegger Apologizes Over Remarks The Panthers Plunge into Ruin 
BILL McGRAW: Film on race looks at Detroit
Living While Black Study, on Racism
The Trouble with Diversity
Abolish the "N" Word

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