Dear New York Times,

I know you wonder what I, Richard Gibson, think. So, I will tell you my thoughts of the day regarding your newspaper.

As you surely remember, I have subscribed to the print edition for more than 25 years, making me, like, important.

Plus, I am an emeritus professor: proof of smart.

First and above all, I want a War Section. I want maps, charts, troop deployments, lines of march, costs in blood and money on all sides--the grand strategy, strategy, and tactics. Sure, it can be a few weeks delayed to protect people, but since the USA is engaged in perpetual war, a fully militarized society, I would like to know about the wars.

I like the opinion pages, even if I think most of the opinions are stupid or trivial.

Pages two and three are a waste. Perhaps put the wars, or opinions, there.

I do not want a Food Section. Luckily, I can eat.

I do not want a Style Section (I do not give a flying fuck about Dapper Dan).

I rather like, but could easily live without, a Travel Section.

If the New York Times Magazine is going to be a comic book, then I never, ever, want it.

I like the book review section but you could poll readers, asking who gives a shit about the fiction section. I don’t, so give me the non-fiction section and save the planet.

I do like the obits, mostly, but I do not give a good god damn about who marries who. Stop that. I do not know any of those people and I was not invited.

I know enough about Arts and Leisure to take care of that myself; especially Leisure.

I want a full Monday paper. Well, the basic Monday paper I am suggesting. You, like me, should work on Sunday.

I do not need, nor want, a thick glossy magazine aimed at Southern California, attempting to sell me $4 million homes which make me want to puke.

A God Section would be good, investigating the various religions’ histories, showing that people make gods. Gods don’t make people.

I do not want a Sports Section as you only seem to cover New York sports and I am from Detroit and live in San Diego, making me on the one hand hate all New York sports teams and on the other hand, I am a long way away. And add this: golf is not a sport. Basketball is not a sport. Football is obsolete. Cage fighting and boxing are for barbarians. Baseball is a sport. So, a year around Baseball Section would be cool. Cover Little League.

I would like a Racism section. Maps on segregation, life expectancy, income, inherited wealth, child death rates, murder rates, petty theft, rebellions, tribalism, etc. Nice!

I would like a Work Section (perhaps replacing the Business Section), since most of us have to do that. Sure, cover the Quisling unions, but cover who works, for what, and who rules that work. Who collects the value of labor?

And an Inequality section, rather expanding on the chart the NYT produced on CEO pay. What kind of taxes do they pay? Show me their homes, their cars, their mistresses, their kids, favorite drugs, hookers, and where, by the way, do they live? Addresses.

Thank you for your sincere attention and please do these minimal fixes as soon as possible.

Dr Richard Gibson
Emeritus Professor
San Diego State University