Students--You cannot be forced to take the MEAP. Read this and discover how you can beat the MEAP.
Don't Like the MEAP? Read On...

What's wrong with the MEAP? You know...

Practically, the MEAP shatters the progress of the curriculum through the school year.

Philosophically, the MEAP is a PARTISAN exam--truth is determined by the political leanings of the people who wrote it. Truth, moreover, is located inside the exams, and inside the minds of the people who score it, not as it is rightfully understood as a struggle in the classroom where people can gain and test knowledge. The MEAP is designed to deskill teachers and to establish official, regulated, state knowledge. 

Why are Clinton and Engler united 

With NEA and AFT?

How come they ALL like the MEAP?


You Can ACT on the MEAP!

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