Methods for Social Studies
How Do I Keep My Ideals and Still Teach?

©Rich Gibson 2000 Renaissance Community Press

(If you are an educator reading this, and planning to loot the material here, good for you! All I ask in return, if you have time, is that you email me a tactic that you have developed so I can show it to my students, and, should you have time to remember, please cite this www page.)


  1. Introduction
  2. Journals and Active Literacy: Reading the Word is Reading the World
  3. Fight Racism Everyday
  4. A Safe and Respectful Place of Learning
  5. Make Friends 
  6. Yes, Inclusion Means Them Too
  7. Unity that makes Sense, and Disunity that makes Sense
  8. Study Deep
  9. Read
  10. Donít Forget the Working Class, the Force of Modern History
  11. Product Analysis
  12. Fabulous Realities (from Ken Macrorie)
  13. Interest and Integrity
  14. Itís About Time!
  15. I Search Papers (also from Ken Macrorie)
  16. The History Wars
  17. Class Council
  18. Room Title
  19. Dub the Room
  20. Power Symbol to the Speaker
  21. Undoing the Fear of Freedom
  22. The Mute Flute
  23. Political Cartoons 
  24. Heroes Schmeroes Sez Me
  25. Photo or Video Essays
  26. The Art (Music, Dance, Film, etc.) Detective
  27. Grow Stuff and Eat It
  28. Mrs Sutfinís Immortal Class
  29. Antennas Up! The Authorís Chair
  30. Enablers
  31. The Real Map and Standpoint
  32. Newspapers or Newscasts about an Area of Study
  33. Beginning Wherever and Webbing
  34. Quicky Theater
  35. Dialectical Scientific Evidence
  36. Play APBA, Make History
  37. Taking it Personally
  38. Mentoring the Mentors
  39. Move from the Cover to the Book
  40. The History of MeĖand Grandma
  41. Hunter Scott and the Sinking of the Indianapolis
  42. Surveys
  43. Nazi Hunters
  44. Paper Dolls to Theaters
  45. Visit the VA Hospital
  46. Power and Geography in the Classroom
  47. What Goes on Insider Your Brain? 
  48. The Lewis and Carol Journal
  49. After Dinner Conversations
  50. Plunk Your Magic Twanger, Froggie!
  51. Circle of Responders
  52. How Come Thatís Funny?
  53. Every Trial is a Big Trial
  54. Marionette Plays
  55. Follow the Money
  56. Hey, Whatís That Noise?
  57. History of Fairlyland
  58. Story Ladders and Story Boards
  59. Farmer Duck, the Story, the Book, the Plan, the Big Book
  60. Critique Tyranny
  61. Four-Squares
  62. Micro-Macro-Cosm
  63. The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.
  64. Rewriting Textbooks
  65. Culture Jamminí
  66. Informational Picketing
  67. Sham Interviews
  68. Reification is Forgetting
  69. We Gotta Get Outa This Place
  70. Storytelling
  71. Mock Legislative Hearings
  72. Duration Lines
  73. Fly Me to the Moon
  74. Surveying for Surveillance
  75. "I ain't the worlds best writer nor the worlds best speller, But when I believe in something I'm the loudest yeller."   --Woody Guthrie (1950)
  76. Mapping
  77. Freedom of Information Act Requests
  78. Spy versus Spy
  79. Democracy as a Problem
  80. Utopia Project
  81. International Computer Comrades
  82. Freedom Schools
  83. Classroom Debates
  84. Storyliving
  85. Rethinking the Senses
  86. My Teacher Has Cancer! Isnít She Pretty?
  87. How did Mao deal with Stalin?
  88. Whatí Up?
  89. Newspapers in Education
  90. Beware of Golden Handcuffs
  91. Read Some Good Books, Bilge the Textbook
  92. The Eye of the Beholder
  93. You are Albania!
  94. Williamís Testament About His Fabulous Vietnam Unit
  95. Crap Detection
  96. Good Questions better than Good Answers
  97. Classroom Management?
  98. Just Tell Me What to do and I Will Do It
  99. He Who Insists He is the Khan, is Not the Khan
  100. The Professional Organizations
  101. The Class is NOT Over
  102. Imagine, Wonder, Guess
  103. The Air on Both Sides of the Screen Door
  104. Wisdom
  105. You are the Text, You are the Method, You are the Question


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