Re Hardly a Union Hotbed, Toyota’s Kentucky Plant Is a Test for Organizers

A union organizer for most of my life, and one of the founders of what is now the largest local in the UAW (a state workers local in Michigan, oddly enough), I concluded years ago that the Labor Movement must be overcome. No wonder people don't want to join unions. Labor executives oppose the very idea people need unions, i.e., workers and bosses have contradictory interests. Instead, they call for an unholy alliance of labor leaders, business, and government, "in the national interest, "  meaning they will fight their own members. Most unions are thoroughly corrupt, anti-democratic. They are steeped in habits of concessions and surrender. You can surrender alone. Union structures are incapable of meeting the crises of inequality and perpetual war. Unions don't unite people, they divide them by occupation, industry, race, sex, and class. Unions now are in thrall to the empire and their leaders enjoy fat salaries from the empire's tables, hence their support for wars. People need to organize beyond unionism, across entire communities, in order to build a fightback that people will rightly see as a source of hope.

Dr Rich Gibson
Professor Emeritus San Diego State University