Views of Leadership
"A leader knows where he is going, how to get there, and how to persuade or force enough of the right people to go along." (Napoleon)

"Genius, the whole of it, is the impudent assumption of power. Whether you exercise it over a closet or a continent is of not great moment. It's getting the measure of your material that matters. The material is always so amazed to find that anyone has taken the trouble to measure it, it can never answer back." (Gwyn Thomas)

"Nothing splendid has been achieved except by those who dared consider themselves superior to their circumstances." (Bruce Barton)

12 OuickAttributes ofPeakPerformers

1. The ability to rehearse coming events mentally, before they happen.

2. The ability to examine the worst consequences of an action before taking risk.

3. The enjoyment of the art of whatever work is involved, striving for excellence.

4. The ability to go beyond previous performance and to avoid being too comfortable with things as they are.

5. A problem solving approach as opposed to fixing blame.

6. The ability to step back and plan, not just swing from crisis to crisis. Distinguishing a crisis from an annoyance.

7. Strength at selling ideas, to champion thoughts rather than let them die untried.

8. Eagerness to accept responsibility and ability to live with setbacks, rejection and loss.

9. Leaders create a balance between autonomy and direction: setting goals for others but not directing how the goals will be met.

10. Leaders are team builders, they seek to train and encourage others to surpass themselves.

11. Leaders persevere. Change is both a process and a demand.

12. Leaders know, "He who has a why to live can bear most any how."


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