Richard Gibson


Labor History
Adamic, "Dynamite"
*Alinsky, "John L. Lewis"
Alinsky, "Reville for Radicals"
Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals"
Alinsky, "The Professional Radical
AFSCME, "Power to the Public Worker"
Babson, "Working Detroit"
**Brecher, "Strike!"
Bigelow, "The Power in Our Hands" (Teaching Unit)
Bird, "Solidarity Forever The IWW"
Bluestone, "The Great U-Turn" and "The De-Industrialization of America"
**Boyer and Morais, "Labor's Untold Story"
Brody, David, "Steel Workers in America"
Brody, David, "Workers in Industrial America"
Brill, "The Teamsters"
*Brooks, "Toil and Trouble"
Buhle, "Labor's Joke Book"
Chaplin, "Wobbly"
DeCaux, "Labor Radical"
Draper, "Roots of American Communism"
Dubofsky, "We Shall be All"
Fine, "Sit-Down, the G.M. Strike"
*Foner, "History of the American Labor Movement" (4 volumes)
Foner, "The Case of Joe Hill"
Foner, "The Palmer Raids"
Foster, "American Trade Unionism"
Foster, "Pages from a Worker's Life"
Flynn, "Rebel Girl"
Frisch, "Working Class America" (Articles)
Ginger, "Debs"
Glaberman, "Wartime Strikes"
Gutman, "Work, Culture and Society"
*Haywood, "Autobiography of Big Bill Haywood"
Hine, "Men at Work"
Hine, "Women at Work"
Huberman, "We, The People"
Isserman, Maurice, "Which Side Were You On?"
Jones, "Autobiography of Mother Jones"
*Keeran, "The Communist Party and the Auto Workers Union"
Klehr, "The Heyday of American Communism"
*Kornbluh, "Rebel Voices, an IWW Anthology"
Lens, "The Labor Wars"
Lichtenstein, "Industrial Unionism Under The No-Strike Pledge"
London, "So Ye Shall Reap"
Lynd, "American Labor Radicalism"
Meier, "Black Detroit and the Rise of the UAW"
Mayer, "We Were There, The Story of Working Women in America"
Mandels, "Samuel Gompers"
Manusco, "Help for the Working Sounded"
**Montgomery, David, "The Fall of the House of Labor"
NEA, "Power to the Teacher"
Navsky, "Naming Names"
Quarter, "Propaganda and Psychological Warfare"
Rayback, "Brief History of American Labor Movement"
*Schnapper, "American Labor a Pictorial Social History"
**Scott, "Yankee Unions Go Home"
*Selden, "The Teacher Rebellion"
**Selikoff, "Asbestos and Disease"
Sennett, "Hidden Injuries of Class"
*Serrin, "The Company and the Union"
Slattin, "Work is Dangerous to Your Health"
Slaughter, "Concessions and How to Beat Them"
Starobin, "American Communism in Crisis"
Stein, "The Triangle Fire"
**Thompson, E.P., "Making of the English Working Class"
Vann Woodward, "Origins of the New South"
Yates, "Labor Law Handbook"
Zitron, "The New York City Teachers Union"

Which Side Are You On?
Cohen and Mintz, "America, Inc."
Corey, "The Decline of American Capitalism" and "The House of Morgan"
Dimitroff, "United Front Against Fascism"
Domhoff, "Who Rules America?"
Domhoff, "The Powers That Be"
Dutt, "Fascism and Social Revolution"
Ford, "The International Jew"
Hanrahan, "Government for Sale"
Lernoux, "In Banks We Trust"
*Lundberg, "American's Sixty Families"
**Lundberg, "The Rich and the Super-Rich"
Lundberg, "The Rockefeller Syndrome"
Lundberg, "Scoundrels All"
Lynd, "Middletown"
Marine Engineers Union, "The Energy Cartel"
Mills, C.W., "Power Elite"
Mills, C.W., "White Collar"
Mitford, "A Fine Old Conflict"
Pool, "Who Financed Hitler?"
Richmonds, "Long View from the Left"
*Riordan, "Plunkett of Tammany Hall"
Royko, "Boss! Richard Daley of Chicago"
Smith, "Super Money"
Steffens, "Shame of the Cities"
Veblen, "Theory of the Leisure Class"
Williams, "Huey Long"
Zwik, "W
ho Runs Congress?"

Arnow, "The Dollmaker"
Connel, "Mrs. Bridge"
*Conot, "American Odyssey"
Conot, "Rivers of Blood, Years of Darkness"
Conroy, "The Disinherited"
Dickens, "A Tale of Two Cities"
Dickens, "Hard Times"
Dickens, "Oliver Twist"
Dos Passos, "USA Trilogy"
Dreiser, "An American Tragedy"
Farrell, "Studs Lonigan"
Fast, "Freedom Road"
Fast, "The American"
Fast, "Spartacus"
Gold, "A Literary Anthology"
Gold, "Jews Without Money"
Gorky, "Mother"
Guthrie, "Bound for Glory"
Guthrie, "Woody Sez"
**Lawrence, "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"
Lewis, "Elmer Gantry"
London, "Revolution"
Nelson, "The Surveyor"
Norris, "The Octopus"
Norris, "The Pit"
Sinclair, "The Jungle"
*Sinclair, "The Flivver King"
Smedley, "Daughter of the Earth"
Steinbeck, "Grapes of Wrath"
*Steinbeck, "In Dubious Battle"
Terkel, "Division Street, America"
Terkel, "Hard Times"
Terkel, "Working"
**Thomas, "All Things Betray Thee"
Traven, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre"
Twain, "Social Critic"
Voynich, "The Gadfly"

Fighting Racism and Sexism
Allen, "Reconstruction"
Aptheker, "American Negro Slave Revolts"
Baldwin, "Notes of a Native Son"
**Bennett, "Before the Mayflower"
Brown, "Manchild in Promised Land"
*Cash, "The Mind of the South"
Cloward and Piven, "Poor Peoples Movements"
*Cloward and Piven, "Regulating the Poor"
Douglass, "Life and Times of Frederick Douglass"
*DuBois, "The Souls of Black Folk"
**DuBois, "Black Reconstruction"
*DuBois, "John Brown"
Ellison, "Invisible Man"
Foner, "Organized Labor and Black Workers"
Foner, "Reconstruction"
*Genovese, "Roll Jordan Role"
Gould, "The Mismeasure of Man"
Hudson, "Black Worker in the Deep South"
Jacobson, "The Negro and the American Labor Movement"
Lester, "To be a Slave"
Liebow, "Tally's Corner"
*Malcolm X, "Autobiography"
NEA, "Violence, the KKK and the Struggle for Equality"
Nelson, "Documents of Upheaval"
**Scott, "Gender and the Politics of History"
Summerfield, "Women Workers in WWII"
*Watters, "Climbing Jacobs Ladder:
Wright, "Black Boy"
*Wright, "Native Son"

Films and Records
"Finally Got the News" Available from UAW
"Harvest of Shame" Available from CBS
"Hollywood Red" by Lester Cole
"I am Somebody" Available from AFSCME
"Inn Songs" by Utah Philips, Philo Records
"Modern Times" by Chaplin
"Norma Rae" Available through NEA
"Nothing But a Man Available" from AFSCME
**"Salt of the Earth" Available from UAW
"Strike" Produced by S. Eisenstein
"Talking Union" by Almanac, Singers, Folkways (record)
"The Inheritance" Available from UAW
"The Organizer" with Marcello Mastroianni
"With Babies and Banners" Available from UAW
"Roger and Me"

Organizers Views of Teaching
ACLU, "The Rights of Teachers"
Ashton-Warner, "Teacher"
Bowles, "Schooling in Capitalist American"
Freire, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"
Goodman, "Compulsory Miseducation"
Goodman, "Growing Up Absurd"
Katz-Class, "Bureaucracy and Schools"
Kozol, "Illiterate America"
Lunacharsky, "On Education"
Macrorie, "Twenty Teachers"
Spring, "Education and the Rise of the Corporate State"

Legal Assistance
Bergman, "Trial Advocacy"
Black, "Black's Law Dictionary"
**Bureau of National Affairs, "The Developing Labor Law"
Ehrlich, "The Lost Art of Cross-Examination"
**Elkouri and Elkouri, "How Arbitration Works"
"Florida School Laws, 1985"
"Florida Unemployment Compensation Law"
Gibbs/Levy/Siegel, "Employee and Union Member Guide to Labor Law"
Kaufman, "Asbestos Alert: Strategies for Occupational Health"
Kinoy, "Rights on Trial"
**Lynd, "Labor Law for the Rank and Filer"
McKelvey, "The Changing Law of Fair Representation"
McPhee, "The Book of Insults"
Morris, "The Florida Handbook"
NEA, "The Rights of Teachers"
Perry, "History of the American Teachers Association"
Porter/Neyland, "History of the Florida State Teachers Association"
**Rubin with Greenhouse, "The Rights of Teachers"
Schlossberg/Scott, "Organizing and the Law"
Selikoff, "Asbestos and Disease"
**Siegel, "Proving Your Arbitration Case"
Stieber and Blackburn, "Protecting Unorganized Employees Against Unjust Discharge"

On Strategy and Change
Clausewitz, "On War"
Cornforth, "Materialism and the Dialectical Method (Trilogy)"
Engels, "Socialism, Utopian and Scientific"
Giap, "How We Won the War"
Gokobin, "Dialectial Materialism"
Guderian, "Panzer Leader"
Hyams, "Zen in the Martial Arts"
Lakin, "How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life"
Kahn, "Organizing"
Liddel-Hart, "Strategy"
Machiavelli, "The Prince"
Mao Tse Tung, "On Practice", "On Contradiction", "Report on the
Peasant Movement in Hunan", On the Correct Handling of Contradctions Among the People", "Combat Liberalism"
Paret (Editor), "Makers of Modern Strategy"
Phillips (Editor), "Roots of Strategy"
Ries and Trout, "Marketing Warfare", "Positioning"
Rogers, "Waging Business Warfare"
Scott and Schlossberg, "Organizing and the Law"
Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"
Van Crevelp, "Command in War"
Woodis, "Armies and Politics"

Journals and Publications
Monthly Labor Review
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Labor Notes (Published in Detroit)
Soliderity (WAW)
Radical History (Monthly Magazine)

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