Crisis Analysis and the Election

To blame this crisis on the Bush administration as ANSWER (one of the front grouplets that has managed to disorganized the antiwar movement in the same ways most ed reform groups disorganize ed resistance) is to ignore the reality of the bipartisan history that created the crisis and to pretend that the government is not an executive committee and armed weapon of the rich--an enemy of the people. What is happening with the convergence of the billion dollar election spectacle, the financial collapse and bailout, and the wars (few capitalist economists are factoring in the $3 trillion dollar wars and the comingexplosion of inflation)is the acceleration of the emergence of fascism--national socialism)

This election should not only be studied as how to choose who will best oppress the majority of the people from the executive committee (and armed weapon) of the rich, which is the government, everywhere. It should be studied, more importantly, as how a spectacle of capitalism, the preposterous election, speeded the emergence of fascism, that is,
            *the corporate state, the rule of the rich (bailouts, oil wars),
            *the suspension of civil liberties (habeas corpus, secret prisons, torture),
            *the attacks on whatever press there is,
            *the rise of racism and segregation (in every way, but especially the immigration policies),
            *the promotion of the fear of sexuality as a question of pleasure (key to creating the inner slave),
            *the governmental/corporate attacks on working peoples' wages and benefits (health care to merit pay),
            *intensification of imperialist war (sharpening the war in Afghanistan sharpens war on Pakistan which sharpens war on Russia, etc, and the US is NOT going to leave Iraq's oil),
            *the promotion of nationalism (all class unity) by, especially, the union bosses,
            *trivializing what is supposed to be the popular will to vile gossip, thus building cynicism---especially the idea that we cannot grasp and change the world,
            *increased mysticism (is it better to vote for a real religious fanatic or people who fake being religious fanatics?) and,
            *incessant attacks on radicals (Bill Ayers is not a radical; he is a liberal now, once he was a liberal with a bomb, but people see him as the epitome of a radical and he IS connected to Obama).

That is a litany of the acceleration of fascism.

What to do? Educate. Agitate. Organize. Build direct action resistance in the military and the military feeding machines--schools. Solidarity based on the reality of contradictory interests of the rich and the poor, bosses and workers, and direct action like walkouts, strikes, mutinies, demonstrations, are actions that can build over time, can be controlled and sustained (unlike politicians’ promises), and they serve to school all of us in comprehending and changing our lives–and the failed system of capital.

But if this US population, which has shopped it through two decades of warfare (Clinton dropped more bombs on Iraq than Bush2 did); if these people can no longer shop, and remain unable to connect cause and effect (thank capitalist schools)or think with a clarity underpinned with an ethic of personal responsibility and equality, and there is no organized left, a real left that grasps the nature of class war, then we lambs among wolves had better watch out.

Don’t vote. Revolt.