Rouge Letter of Sept 21 

Dear Friends, Three things tonight: 

        1. On the heels of the spectacle of Democrats and Republicans jubilant at
a war speech, 

I would like to recommend a most interesting well, cartoon book, "Addicted
to War," by Joel Andreas. Joel, some may remember, was the
author-illustrator of a great intellectual-activist cartoon, "The
Incredible Rocky," about the Rockefeller family, several years ago. Easily
accessible to high school students, and probably most middle school
students--and an eye-opener to many adults, the first edition of "Addicted
to War," is sold out. The cartoon makes the military budget graphic,
engaging, and understandble. This does not trivialize war; it makes its
many costs, and the beneficiaries, easy to understand. 

Joel and antiwar activist Frank Dorrel are in the process of doing a second
edition, bringing us up to today. In the meantime, Frank has xerox copies
available at six dollars a piece, plus postage. That, of course, barely
meets Frank's cost. If you can send more, please do. The booklet is 60 plus

Frank also has available, at only five dollars, a series of videos. The one
which struck me most, so far, was a video that includes antiwar speeches
from Martin Luther King, Ramsey Clark speaking on the bombing of Iraq, and
the award winning "Panama Deception," about the US invasion of Panama that
may have killed several thousand people. This same video has a fine piece
on Iran Contra as well. 

Here is Frank's address:
3967 Shedd Terrace
Culver City Calif 90232

        2. Dozens of campuses have scheduled antiwar meetings for the weekend.
Tomorrow we will have links on our www site for many of them. The site is
linked below. Here is a partial list of things that have already happened.
KCBS (L.A.): Students Announce 'Peaceful Justice' Petition

WDIV (Detroit): Students Hold Anti-War Protest At U of M

KOIN (Portland): Peace Rallies Planned For Local Campuses

KPIX (Bay Area): Anti-War Rally in Berkeley

KGW: Lewis & Clark Students Rally for Peace

Poughkeepsie Journal: Bard College

IMC-Madison: National Student Day of Action for Peaceful Justice

        3. The SDSU faculty senate passed a good motion of concern about rising
racism and bigotry. That will go up on the www site tomorrow night. Anyone
needing it fast, email me. I am putting the text on the whole schooling
list tonight. That is linked to the www page below. 

        4. Egad, this is FOUR things. Sorry. Lest we not forget what got many of
us here, this is a link to a pretty good article on high-stakes tests and
grade retention

Thanks to Danielle, Greg and Katie (who are pregnant, cannot keep a good
gang down!), BigM, and Lawrence.

All the best, r
Rich Gibson
San Diego State University
College of Education
San Diego CA 92182

        Life travels upward in spirals. 
        Those who take pains to search the shadows
         of the past below us, then, can better judge the
         tiny arc up which they climb, 
        more surely guess the dim
         curves of the future above them.       

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