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California Law Allows Opting out of Tests 'Exemplary' Texts Withdrawn From Calif. Adoption Process  California's Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR)
CalCARE The California Social Studies Standards--An Editorial from CCSS California Social Studies Standards
You Can Quit School, Get a Degree, and Go To College Big disparities among races, new study shows SMASH the tests in CA
CCET Vs High Stakes Testing
Marin students boycott SAT 9
Teachers question test bonuses Students rally in Oakland against test/Stanford 9 is unfair, racist, they contend Data Quest
Kids Count California CMC Official Position Statement on Testing  Ed Data
California Flunks the Big Tests 2001 California Economic Crisis Deepens
Now is the Time to Teach Democracy SAT's take beating CA Slips Backward on Qualified Teachers
Ca Class Size Caps Vanishing LA Mainstreams Early California School History
Whole Language and the Great Plummet of 1987-92An Urban Legend from California Opting out of the California Big Tests---The Law Cal To Switch State Tests Midstream, ETS Big Winner
Capital Retreats from Caps on Class Size Lou Harris Teacher Poll Shows Gap of Rich and Poor in Ca Schools CTA Lobbies For SoftDrink Industry
2002 California Master Plan for Education California Shelves Bill Sought by Teachers LA School Bosses Spend 100,000 on Private Johns, Kids Be Damned
Krashen on the Talibanization of California Libraries LA LockDown For Phonics First API's error margin leaves a lot to chance
Mathematical imprecision could lead to inaccurate interpretations
Test scores unreliable
Error margin means state can't precisely measure how schools are doing, but the
cash still flows.
Students' exclusion brings frustration
Parents and educators have a difficult time understanding why some aren't
Rules hurt diverse schools
Groupings create more hurdles than chances for educators in the hunt for state
API Awards ignore key factors  Lawmakers urge changes in school testing law  Analysis of Ca Education in 1930's
Writers Project
San Jose Teacher Disciplined for Opposing Big Tests Axe Hangs Over School Budget 2002
CTA Boss Supports Concessions
Carrot and stick not working
An Analysis of SB 2042 API Scores Go Up Less Than The Margin of Error in 2002 LA High School Massive Boondoggle
Davis PreXmas Budget Cuts Attack Education Emergency Credentials on Way Out  School board officials' ties to lobbyists draw criticism
Gray Davis to Head Achieve Raising the Bars High Stakes Testing in CA -- FAQs
California's High School Proficiency Exam California School Equality Case Pending Bitter battle over class standards
State spends millions to defeat students' suit
CA Cancels Administration of Exit Exam CA:  State's spending fails to keep pace Separate and Unequal: Fund-raisers give schools an edge
State delays high school exit exam High school exit exam delay doesn't end suits, controversy Fee Hikes in Ca Universities attack the Working Class
UC and CSU Systems Hike Fees 30 Percent LA Times on Charter Schools  WSJ on CA state colleges
California Liberals Manufacture Bogus Rise in API

CTA Sells Out Schools, Remains Insider GropenFuhrer Guts Education Spending: CTA Agrees GropenFuhrer Guts Education, Borrows Against Future: CTA Concedes
Parent Wants Genuine Right to Boycott the NCLB Tests California Teachers Cheating On The Big Tests Hayward Walkout protests Cal State deal
Schwarzenegger turns down 24 more bills, including school nutrition measure” Collapse of 60 Charter Schools Leaves Californians Scrambling 1,200 Schools in State Could Face Federal Penalties
Pace of School Gains Slows Down

Krashen et al Discuss the Wreckage of Ca Schools Ugly view of state schools
Excerpt from Schwarzenegger's State of the State address regarding education (January 5, 2005)
California First to Worst: Ed Week 2005
Gov. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Funds for U. of California Programs That Do Research on Labor Issues Warrior of the Heart - An Interview with JoAnna Lougin New Report on California Grad Test
CTA Spends Big Vs Arnold Lagunitas district faces sanctions for alternative approach Krashen on the State Of CA Libraries
NCLB and California High Stakes Testing Handbook: BASIC INFORMATION and TAKING ACTION Why Calif. students are "still struggling" by Stephen Krashen
CSU System Hikes Student Fees Yet Again Cal Test flaws

Krashen on California's Real Reading Problems Behm on the Cahsee Exam Los Angeles Magnet Schools vs Integration
School Segregation is Growing in CA (Orfield 2006) School Segregation in California Special Ed Students Exempted From Exam
CSU's low pay is driving away top professors, trustees hear Tuition Hits $25,000 at Elite Schools
Alan Bersin's critics question San Diego fund's expenses. CTA Falls Flat, Democrats Go For Fascist Bersin  

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